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Products > Nitrous & Air Shifter Kits

Nitrous & Air Shifter Kits

wet nitrous kits
Wet System Nitrous Kit
dry nitrous kits
Dry System Nitrous Kit
purge nitrous kits
Purge System Nitrous Kit
air nitrous kits
Air Shifter Kits

Nitrous Systems Are In-stock at Tiger Racing

Tiger Racing Has Wet, Dry And Purge Nitrous Systems

If you are looking for a nitrous system, you have come to the right place. Tiger Racing is the best place on the web for all of the specialized performance parts you may need for your sport bike. We sell a wide variety of nitrous systems to fit a variety of bikes and manufacturers.

Wet Nitrous Systems

If you want the same wet nitrous system the record holders use, this is it! More records have been broken and set with NX nitrous systems than any other nitrous system. NX has the safest, most reliable nitrous system available for your power sport machine. Whether you want just a little help for your snow machine, jet ski, go-ped, go-cart pocket bike, dirt bike, four wheeler, pit bike, Bonneville rocket, or you want to set a national record and win a drag racing world championship, NX is the nitrous system the pro's use. On all nitrous system kits, the fuel pump needs to be attached directly to the fuel tank. You cannot splice it into the high pressure side of the stock system, it will damage the fuel pump. 

Tiger Racing also has the NOS nitrous system kit in-stock. This kit comes complete with the fuel pump, all the jets and everything you need to install it. It also comes with a 20 page manual.

Dry Nitrous Systems

Tiger Racing's Suzuki dry nitrous system kit offers a simple, easy to install yet very effective nitrous option for the GSXR-1000 owner and provides a quick and reliable 50 horsepower increase. Unlike other dry kits that simply spray nitrous into a single point in the intake tract, the Suzuki Muzzy dry nitrous system sprays directly over the inlet stacks through precision drilled orifices in stainless steel runners. All plumbing in the nitrous system is braided hose or hard line and all wiring material is included. Three jet options are included and kit comes with a 1 pound bottle and valve. (Billet under-seat bottle mount available separately). The complete instructions include a detailed wiring schematic utilizing either horn or starter button activation for those with air shifters already installed. 

Our DRY3008 dry nitrous system kits are the best on the market. We provide 60" -3 stainless line that won't melt or fail under any conditions. We have a custom nozzle for a better "spray" of the nitrous. We also supply black loom to cover your wires and stainless line so your friends can't detect the installation. Many people have copied this kit, but none have excelled. For more information on the DRY3008 dry nitrous system kit see the product manual

The Kawasaki NX nitrous system kit includes jet and bottle, which are attached directly to the NX Lightening Series Solenoid for a clean installation.  The nitrous line is installed directly into the airbox to supply a nitrous vapor that passes right through the air filters. Extra fuel will need to be added via a power commander or similar device. There is not a nozzle in this NX dry nitrous system kit. This kit has the nitrous jet mounted by the solenoid, so a nozzle to hold the jet is not required. You just stick the line through a hole into the air box.

Tiger Racing also has the Edelbrock DRY71940 nitrous system. This nitrous system has the power to add 40 horsepower at the push of a button, yet can be installed on nearly any fuel injected sport bike in an afternoon. Full Instructions guide you the entire way. A power commander is recommended for proper fuel adjustment. For more information see the product manual.

For more information on our dry nitrous systems  see our webpage.

Purge Nitrous Systems

The purge NX15600 nitrous kit works with any brand of nitrous system using -4 line from the bottle to the solenoid- NOS, NX, any of them. Plastic line and fitting (related items) allow you to mount anywhere on bike. For more information on our purge nitrous systems see our webpage. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed on our Nitrous Systems

Tiger Racing offers a one-year free replacement satisfaction guarantee if your Tiger Racing Product fails you for any reason (with proof of purchase).

Tiger Racing is the place to go for all of your specialized performance parts. We invite you to explore our growing selection of specialized performance parts and much more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our nitrous systems or any other product we carry.