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Ignition, Pro Series II - Schnitz

Comes with Spark Plug Wires, Wiring Harness, Toggle Switch, and Manual


Here's a common question
Yes, both stages of retard will still function, even if the Nitrous is off.

Integrated High-Output Ignition System. Designed for use with Dyna DCT ® Crankshaft Triggers (Will NOT work with Factory Crankshaft Triggers). Must be used with a Dual Magnet Rotor and .7ohm High Energy Ignition Coils.

  • Fully programmable Ignition Timing. Timing can be programmed to Advance or Retard from the Static Timing Position.
  • Adjustable Advance Begin RPM as well as Full Advance RPM. 1,600RPM to 16,000RPM Range. Up to 34 degrees total advance.
  • Ignition Timing can be Retarded more than it is advanced. Timing Advance can be turned off if it is not desired.
  • Two stages of Ignition Timing Retard for a total of 34 degrees. Second Stage of Retard is Progressive.
  • Ignition Timing Start Retard to enable easier starting of high compression engines. Also allows more timing advance at idle for improved response and performance. Range of 0 to 15 degrees.
  • Enhanced Diagnostics that inform user of potential problems such as Crankshaft Trigger Intermittent Signals.
  • A complete Timing Control System that sets the standard by which other Controllers are measured all with no Laptop Computer Needed or other external Programmers Required.

Integrated Progressive Nitrous System that provides a Multiple Power Ramp. This type of Nitrous Control can be Tailored to suit individual needs. The Progressive System can be programmed to reduce NOS power as well as increase power or a combination if needed.

  • Programmable NOS Delay timer. Range of 0.000 to 9.999 seconds.
  • Programmable NOS Start Power. Range of 10% to 100%.
  • Dual Programmable NOS Final Power. Range of 10% to 100%
  • Dual Programmable NOS Build Time (NOS Power Ramps). Range of .2 to 9.900 seconds.
  • Programmable Timer that allows user to take NOS to 100% power during Progressive NOS Ramp. Example, User can set controller for soft power start and after bike is moving and getting traction the NOS can go to 100% power. Range of 0.000 to 9.999 seconds.
  • Programmable NOS RPM Window. A Minimum as well Maximum RPM can be specified for the NOS. Range of 3,000 to 16,000 RPM.
  • Improved Progressive Timer System that provides Unsurpassed control and NOS Power Delivery.
  • Separate NOS and Fuel Solenoid Drivers for Improved Control.

Integrated RPM Control Functions.

  • High RPM Limiter. Range of 3,000 to 16,000 RPM.
  • Launch RPM Limiter(2-Step). Range of 3,000 to 16,000 RPM.
  • Sequential Shift Light Control. Multiple Shift Points can be Programmed for each Gear or Shift Light can Function as Normal with only One RPM Setting.
  • Integrated Shift Counter that controls Engine Kill Requirements for all popular transmission types. Programmable Engine Kill Time with a range of 0.020 to 0.150 second.

Improved Diagnostic Features that are Unsurpassed.

  • Input Tests have been improved to Provide the Ability to Wiggle and Shock Test Inputs and/or Switches.
  • Enhanced Input Diagnostics that Warn user of potential problems with Switches and/or Wiring. A Warning Message will be present if a Switch Error was Encountered. This message will remain until the user Clears it from Memory.
  • Programmable Tach Output Frequency. One or Two pulses per Crankshaft Revolution.
  • Programmable Voltage Monitor. User can NOW Calibrate Voltage Monitor.
  • Analog Data Output for Data Logging. Can be set for Timing or NOS Data.

     The Pro-Series "2" Controller is Built using the Latest Technologies Available and has been Improved to Help Diagnose Problems that Can be Difficult to track down. The end result is a Controller that Improves Performance and Reliability with a Simple User Interface that does not require a Programming Degree to Operate at Full Potential 

Pro-Series II FAQ's

Q: My bike will not autoshift going down the track, but will shift when I push the shift button. 
A: Make sure that you are not arming the Auto Shift system before activating the 2-step input. If you arm the auto shift before applying power to the 2-step input the 20 second main timer can time out before the launch causing this.  You need to press the two step button (or clutch switch) before turning on the arming switch.  Also, make sure your shift style is set to AUTO and not LITE.  Double check the transmission type and number of speeds programmed into the Pro Series II.

Q: The engine tries to stall when I go onto the two step.
A: When you have a low two step setting (as in with a slider clutch), the engine may try to die when you aggressively crack the throttle to go onto the two step.  This is caused from a rich condition of the carbs and residual fuel being sucked back into the engine (weather changes may also effect this)  To help this, roll slowing onto the throttle before you stage the bike.  If the engine tries to stall, simply roll off the throttle slightly to get it back, then roll slowly back on until you reach full throttle.  Then stage the bike normally.   

Q: The bike seems really sluggish off the starting line after I installed the Pro Series II
A: Double check your ignition timing settings in the Pro Series II.  You may have some initial retard or build retard being activated on the starting line.  Also, check your ignition advance timing settings.  If you want to stay at static timing all the time, then all of the above settings should be set to 0 or off.

Q: When I test the spark of the Pro Series II it looks very weak.
A: When in diagnostics mode, the Pro Series II will not fully charge the ignition coils (we don't want anyone to get shocked)  We send just enough current to show that the coils/plugs/wires are working properly.

Q: Do I need an Arming Switch even though I am not using nitrous?
A: Yes.  The arming switch is the only way the Pro Series II knows you are about to make a pass.  Without this switch being activated (remember to activate only after the clutch switch is activated), the Auto Shift functions and ignition functions will not operate properly.

Q: How do I make a pass without nitrous?
A: You will need to set your start % and final % to 0 if you want to make a non nitrous pass.  The ignition retard will still be activated.  If you do not want any ignition retard, you must set your initial retard and build retard to 0 as well.


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