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DRY3008 Nitrous Dry Kit

Our dry nitrous kits are the best on the market.  We provide 60" -3 stainless line that won't melt or fail under any conditions.  We have a custom nozzle for a better "spray" of the nitrous.  We also supply black loom to cover your wires and stainless line so your friends can't detect the installation.  Many people have copied this kit, but none have excelled.  We sell over 500 kits per year!!

This dry nitrous system is intended for fuel-injected motorcycles only. A competent technician with nitrous experience should only install it.  We recommend a fuel injection control unit to add extra fuel when using this kit. (Power Commander or similar unit)

All wiring and nitrous line should be wrapped with the provided wire loom and positioned in a way to prevent engine heat from doing any damage. The use of electrical tape at the end of the wire loom adds to the effect of "stock appearing." We also suggest running all the wiring and nitrous line alongside stock wiring. Be sure all wire terminals are water tight to prevent corrosion. The waterproof arming switch should also be located in a discreet location to prevent detection.

The nitrous bottle should be mounted away from any engine heat. Under the seat is a good location. Be sure the siphon tube in the nitrous tank is pointing down. You may have to take the bottle valve off and readjust the siphon tube.

The nitrous nozzle should mount in a ram air tube or at the very front of the air box. This is to ensure proper distribution of the nitrous.

To activate the nitrous solenoid, use either the horn button or the start button. The horn is usually ground activated, the starter is usually 12 volt activated.

Start with the smallest supplied jet. Use stock ignition timing only when you are using the nitrous. Advancing the timing can cause engine damage. Using a minimum 90-octane gasoline is highly recommended.

An RPM activated window switch may be installed to prevent early nitrous activation.  Schnitz TPRS-002 is recommended. 

If your fuel injected motorcycle is equipped with a Power Commander, we recommend adding 12-15% more fuel at 100% throttle and only at higher RPM. Refer to your Power Commander manual for instructions.  

Selected Nitrous Bottle w/-4 fitting 
12" -4 line stainless steel line
nitrous solenoid
fitting -4 male to 1/8" pipe
fitting -3 male to 1/8" pipe
modified turbo nozzle
nozzle tap - 1/16 npt
#28 jet
#34 jet
#36 jet
10' - 1/4" loom
6 pole toggle switch
black wire
red wire
20 small zip ties
10 15" zip ties
60" -3 Stainless steel line with straight end and  90 degree end for the nozzle
misc electrical terminals
instruction booklet

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