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1-0337, Fast FI Mixture Controller, MPS

Fast, quick, easy electronic fuel injection fuel management. That’s what's in the package of every MPS Fast FI Mixture Control. The original “MPS Mixture Control” sold in 1981 was the first motorcycle fuel injection aftermarket product. The second generation Fast FI Mixture Control sets new standards for fuel management with a dry nitrous system incorporating the instant rich feature. The Fast FI Mixture Control was designed to be a universal application and will work on most late model four cylinder electronic fuel injected motorcycles.

 The MPS Fast FI Mixture Control P/N 1-0337 is a simple means to adjust the fuel curves on your fuel-injected motorcycle. This allows for tuning after the installation of aftermarket exhausts, intake modifications, or internal motor modifications. It can only richen the fuel mixture. It cannot lean the mixture. The Fast FI Mixture Control has a low speed pot that adds fuel at low speed much like a mixture screw on a carburetor. The accelerator pump pot is an extra enrichment when the unit senses rapid rpm acceleration.  This acts like the traditional accelerator pump on a carburetor. The high-speed pot controls the high RPM like the main jet of a carburetor. The high-speed RPM set pot determines what RPM the low speed pot is no longer controlling the mixture and the high-speed pot takes over. The Fast FI Mixture Control has an instant rich feature to work with Dry Nitrous Systems. It locks the fuel injection system in a full rich mode instantly via a signal from the Dry Nitrous System. This means no more reprogramming for NOS operation. The Fast FI Mixture Control looks at the fuel injection map the same way the factory does and adjusts it the same way the factory does. Because our product is not compatible with other aftermarket products we recommend removing any other type of non-factory adjustments, downloads, etc. before installing the Fast FI Mixture Control. 

That's incredible 216.5 horsepower from a stock Hayabusa!  Our customer came in and bought our Dry Nitrous Kit and a Fast FI Mixture Control for his Hayabusa.  Went home and installed them both.  A couple days later he wanted some help with jetting so off we went to the dyno.  We made the first pull with all stock settings in the Fast FI Mixture Control and no nitrous.  That baseline pull netted an average 155.9 horsepower.  The next pull we sprayed it with a 36 nitrous jet using the instant rich feature on the Fast FI Mixture Control.  That pull was good for 194.1 horsepower and the sniffer indicated its still pretty rich.  This is really good news because we can get almost 40 horsepower from a really rich mixture providing an extra measure of safety from hurt parts.  We made the next pull with a 43 nitrous jet.  It made 216.5 and was still rich.  We stopped there even though there was more left obviously.

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