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All Tiger Racing Parts Are American Made Hayabusa Makes History

Sunday, June 11, 2006 

dragbike sport bike

Guy Caputo, owner and pilot of the Tiger Racing / Hayabusa tells us that the “Tiger” was being put together the Friday before he came down to Maxton for the May meet. “No Dyno time, no tuning, just throw it together and safety wire everything was the mantra that week. We hadn’t even been started the bike until we loaded it on to the trailer” Guy told us.

make your sport bike faster racer

Saturday morning the rain came and went and when the wind had dried the course, Guy ran a couple of 201’s, a 203 and finally giving up that Saturday evening with a 204mph. Guy says that the Innovative Computer didn’t get working until the third pass and on the forth he finally figured out how to read it. Guy stated “I was lean on motor and fat on spray” so the Power Commander program was adjusted to compensate and Nitrous pressures with a pulse system was employed. Dave Owens was kind enough to give me a crash course on running the Innovative Log program, showing me what I was looking for and some of the fine tuning abilities the software has. The “Tiger” ran a 221.7 MPH on its first pass off the trailer Sunday morning followed up with a 222.772 MPH which was just 1/2 MPH faster than Dave Owens record breaking
run just moments earlier.

Suzuki bike racer

Tiger Racing displayGuy says “We than decided to change the gearing because we were going thru the traps on the rev limiter in 6th gear while pulsing the spray. After a gear change calculation, we took the “Tiger” down track for another run and came up with a 217.235 MPH which discouraged me quite a bit. When I arrived back to the trailer, my wife suggested I take the bike out for one more trip since they were closing the lanes in 20 minutes. So off I go back down the 1 mile return road (taxiway) to the start line where I am promptly allowed to make my run. The new 5LB Nitrous bottle was warm and the air was thinning out in the heat, corrected altitude of about 2200+ feet. We started off down track hard and spun slightly in first gear getting up to speed as fast as I could, then shifted into second. This is where I purge the Nitrous lines and give the Nitrous button a short burst just to make sure all is well. When I gave the bike a short burst of Nitrous, the bike lunged forward in a sprint of speed and thrust me back into my seat. I liked what I felt so I shifted into third and stabbed the button as hard as I could. I ended up shifting 5 times when in 6th gear the bike was still pulling hard. I knew it was going to be a good run so I made sure my rear-end was back on the step seat and my head as low as I could bend my neck under the windshield. I overshot the 1st turn out and had to take the long shut down this time so I know I was doing better.

When I returned down pit row, I could see my wife jumping up and down and I knew then it was a very good number. 228.803 MPH. I had pushed my old World Land Speed Record up 5 MPH and in Land Speed circles, that’s a whole heap of MPH. I hope I can maintain the honor of holding this record of the ‘Worlds Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle’ for a little while, my 50th Birthday is in July and it would sure be fun to be on top at this time of my life.”

Kawasaki contact

Tiger Racing Sponsors Nitrous Only Classes again for the E.C.T.A. Maxton Monster Mile for 2006.

Tiger Racing will pay $1,000.00 to the holder of the fastest Nitrous Only motorcycle at the end of the season. The current world record is 228.803mph at Maxton currently held by Tiger Racing. You must display a Tiger Racing sticker on both sides of your motorcycle to compete in this contest.

So get those Nitrous bikes tuned and ready and come out and try your luck breaking the Nitrous Only Land Speed Records for Maxton ECTA.

Photo’s by Don Smith