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How to build the “Worlds Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle”

Friday, June 22, 2007   

How to Build the Worlds Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle
The re-birth of the Tiger Racing, Chapter 3 Bearings

When last we met I promised to show you more of the inside of my motor cases and what goes inside. On every end of the transmission, water pump, cams and both wheels, Tiger Racing uses only Ceramic Bearings from Worldwide Bearings located in the good ol’ U.S of A.

Worldwide Bearings offers complete bearing sets from 50cc Dirt bikes to Larry McBride's 1000hp 5 second Top Fuel Motorcycle.

Whether you’re racing a 50cc Pocket bike or a 550hp Turbo Street bike, they have all the Bearings you’ll ever need. Front and Rear Wheel Bearings and Seals, Transmission Bearings, Crank Bearings and Swingarm Needle Bearings. They specialize in solving bearing related problems from their in house hand made Ceramic Hybrids to many custom sizes purposely designed for Motorcycle applications.

Larry McBride's 1000hp Top Fuel motorcycle has over 25 Ceramic Hybrid Bearings in it running for over 5 seasons with zero failures. If their Ceramics will hold up in Larry's Top Fuel bike they will hold up anywhere. They now offer Ceramic Hybrid kits for all popular street bikes as well as 2 and 4
Stroke Motocross bikes.

Tiger Racing has every bearing in its motor and tranny and on it’s wheels installed with Ceramic bearings from Worldwide Bearings that have withstood the pressures and rigors of a Big Bore Nitrous Motor capable of delivering only a mere 400HP as compared to 1000HP of Larry McBride’s (my hero) #1 Top Fueler. Why would you put all that time and money into rebuilding your motor and not have it deliver every ounce of HP it could to the wheels? And once it got to the wheels, why would you not want the best bearing you could to deliver that HP to the ground for you? For the little increase in bearing investment, you can expect a major return in motor bearing reliability, higher performance and
faster times and MPH.

If you're looking to go faster, and don't mind things running a lot cooler, then you'll probably not complain too much if things last a little longer as well, right?

All of Worldwide Bearings ceramic balls are manufactured right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. by a company called Saint Gomain Cerbec in Connecticut. At least I know that my money is getting the best balls I can buy. Did I just say that?

First some basic Ceramic Bearing knowledge that I stole, I mean researched from the web.

Ceramic Bearings: What are they?
It is important to remember that the ceramic bearings used in racing are constructed using conventional hardened steel races, but with ceramic balls replacing the common steel type. Without question, ceramic bearings raise the performance bar a significant amount.

The two most significant reasons for this is they are almost 60% lighter in weight than steel balls and due to the way they are made, they are “rounder” than steel types. Rounder you ask, how much “rounder”? Modern steel bearings typically will have tolerance variations between 50 and 60 millionths of an inch, whereas a grade 5 ball will only have 10 millionths variation, a considerable difference. Again, due to the way they are manufactured, ceramic balls have an improved surface finish compared to steel balls. Smoother, Rounder, what more
could you want?

Why are ceramic bearings better?
There are other advantages that should be taken into account. The ceramic balls in ceramic bearings have a considerably lower amount of thermal expansion compared to steel types. In other words, high heat doesn’t make them swell in size. This allows tighter tolerances, if needed. They also run cooler in operation. This reduces ball expansion and improves lubricant life.

The balls in ceramic bearings are much harder than steel balls (over 100% harder). This, combined with their excellent surface finish is the reason they dramatically out-wear steel types. In identical running conditions, the balls in ceramic bearings exhibit less than 10% of the wear of steel balls. They last longerrrrrrrrrr, helloooooooo, that’s a no brainer in itself.

Are they worth it?
There is no question that ceramic bearings are "freer rolling" than steel types, but their higher cost, understandably, gives pause to many. The primary reason is the cost of the ceramic balls. The other is that they are hand-built and custom "clearanced", not mass produced. There are those of us who insist on "the very best" of everything, while others do not. If you really, really, really want to go faster or quicker, then ceramic bearings is a hands down winner.

I promised you in the beginning of this mega chapter article that I would tell you everything I do to build the Worlds Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle.


Do I feel that my ceramic bearings helped me achieve my record speeds? Hell yes. Do I feel I could go faster without them in the future? Hell no. In upcoming chapters I will show you how I plan to go even faster with my new Dymag 5-spoke all Carbon Fiber wheels from installed with…You guessed it, Worldwide Bearings Ceramics wheels bearings. I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

You can build a big bore nitrous motor and go fast or you can build a Big Bore Nitrous Motor with Worldwide Bearings and go really fast.

Your choice.

Please Contact Dave at 800-575-3220 with any special requirements.

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