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The “Pressure Pro”

Monday, June 13, 2005

from Wilburn Motorsports
Written by Guy Caputo

Now they have really done it. I was just about to pack my bags for Maxton, NC for some Land Speed Racing when I came across this little gadget that has literally made my world ROCK! From Wilburn Motorsports comes a really cool new Nitrous pressure regulator called the “Pressure Pro”. Chuck Wilburn has done what most of us in the nitrous world have been clamoring after for years. A true Nitrous pressure regulator that actually works. How would you like to keep your bottle pressure consistent with every run and be able to make run after run with the exact same bottle pressure as the run before? Of course you would. No more torches and ice bags trying to maintain a consistent nitrous pressure. This little gadget eliminates excessive purging to maintain a consistent launch pressure keeping your bottles at peak volume. Minimizes or completely eliminates nitrous pressure drop during a run. Keeps your bike much more consistent on the dragstrip or Land Speed Racing like myself. I used the Pressure Pro at the May event at Maxton and was able to break the World Land Speed record using this thing. Now how exciting is that? Oh, and I went 223.888mph to set a new World Land Speed record for a Nitrous
motorcycle to boot.

Great for index class racers dialing in the number using nitrous. Protects your dry-nitrous equipped motorcycle because nitrous bottles get extremely hot under the bodywork of a streetbike. The Pressure Pro will eliminate lean-out due to excessive bottle pressures.

Completely adjustable from 500 -1100 psi

Most nitrous bikes today are equipped with progressive controllers capable of adjusting nitrous power application by 1% and applying that nitrous over time adjustable to one thousandth of a second! To get the most out of your progressive nitrous system, you must have consistent nitrous pressure. If you change your nitrous percentage 10% from the run before but the bottle pressure is plus or minus 50psi, what have you really changed? The Pressure Pro allows you to be totally confident that your bottle pressure is always where you set it no matter what how hot temperature is outside.

The Pressure Pro does have a down side when the weather is cold. It can not make your nitrous pressure go higher if the bottle pressure is lower than the pre-set pressure. It can only regulate the pressure if it is higher. Another trifle concern is that you MUST totally release pressure from the lines before you make an adjustment. Once the adjustment is done, you re-pressurize the lines and check the pressure. Once you get the pressure where you want it, that’s it, it’s done. No more wondering how much pressure you have coming to your system. A must for Pro-Mods, Dry shot systems and anyone who needs the pressure to stay exactly where it needs to be without any pressure drop during the run. Don’t delay and get one of these things, they are the coolest.

PN- WM-1001 Regulator, Nitrous, Adjustable 500-1100psi - Pressure Pro MSRP $149.95

For more information, click on the link above.