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The Orient Express Titanium Full Exhaust

Saturday, July 28, 2007 


Written by: Guy Caputo


Traveling down the deep dark tunnel in the pursuit of high performance, I’m able to see the light at the end…and at the end is the Orient Express. Orient Express Racing that is. For many years I have been testing, tuning and running different exhaust systems on my race bikes. I have written about several of them over the years and have been very happy about every one of the pipes I have owned and used. But now I am on a quest, a quest for the holy grail of power and speed. This search goes beyond the mere mortal realms of human understanding of what power and speed really means. I have found the one exhaust system that fits the needs of the Big Bore motor. The one true exhaust system that works in perfect harmony and enhances the power of
my nitrous beast.

Yesssss, the preciousssss.

I have found the exhaust system that allows my 400+HP nitrous motor to breathe with no restrictions put upon it. I have found the ORIENT EXPRESS TITANIUM FULL EXHAUST

Yes my friends, I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is by no means an ordinary exhaust system, no no no. This system was specifically designed to allow Big Bore motors to flow the necessary air that moves through a motor when you are turbo charging or using nitrous oxide. Not only does it breathe freely and without any restrictions, it allows Big Bore motors as well as stock motors to show off what they are really capable of.

When I talk of Big Bore motors, I’m talking about the ZX-12’s, 14’s and Hayabusa’s of this world. Once you climax over 1000cc’s, you are talking about a Big Bore motor. I know it seems silly to consider a 1 liter bike to be a Big Bore, but just a few short years ago the Kawasaki 900 was considered to be a Big Bore motor and before that the Honda 750. With the advent of fuel injection and larger capacity motors fitting into smaller spaces, the power generated by these motors were feebly trying to pass thru old technology exhaust systems that are still in place today.

But Orient Express has taken the exhaust system to new heights of horsepower achievement. I just couldn’t wait to open the box when it arrived and install my new Orient Express Titanium Full Exhaust with the Oval Titanium Canister. When the box arrived, I thought it was empty because it weighed so little in my hands. Once I opened the corrugated cocoon and gingerly pulled out the packing, I found the most exquisite pieces of metal art I have ever seen. I laid them out on the shop floor and inspected each and every part. I ran my hands over the near perfect titanium welds and felt them for any
imperfections…there were none.

I quickly assembled the pipes in the order shown on the instructions which were flawless, easy to understand and almost dummy proof. I say almost because if something can be screwed up, I will find a way. Each pipe fitted up to its proper exhaust port as if it were an extension of the motor itself. If you have ever installed pipes that didn’t quite fit, you will know immediately what I’m talking about when I say these pipes fit exactly where they belonged.

From the exhaust pipe, to the collector and then onward to the mid-pipe and then finally to the full Titanium Oval canister, my Orient Express Titanium Full Exhaust system fit like a glove. It came with a new custom exhaust mount arm and foot peg bracket which looked as racy as the exhaust system. I just can’t tell you enough how easy this pipe was to install.

But here’s the best part, I dyno’d a full 6HP higher than my previous exhaust system. Was it luck, was it tuning, or was it just the fact that this exhaust system was designed for breathing large amounts of air? In my quest to maintain the title of the Worlds Fastest Nitrous Motorcycle, I cannot rest on my laurels of my past achievements and hope that all will be right in the world. I must continue to find new and better ways, new technologies that will move me higher up the ladder of top speed rewards that Land Speed Racing brings. My goal of racing down the Maxton Mile at over 240MPH on nitrous oxide brings many perils to both man and machine. The one saving grace I have is my new
exhaust system from Orient Express.

The – Tiger Racing Hayabusa nicknamed the “Tiger” is just about ready to make its debut run down the Maxton Mile in September and with the help of my new exhaust system, I will attempt to make history again. All I can leave you with is the knowledge of knowing that this exhaust system is simply by far one of the best on the market today. I have used and tried most of the pipes on the market today and there is no other pipe that compares to this one for your Big Bore motor in my humble opinion. Order yours today and tell
em the “Tiger” sent you!


Model:OTXS31139S $1,395.00