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Product Review: The UCS1 Cycle Stand from Cycle Cat

Wednesday, May 02, 2007 

Written by Guy Caputo

I would like to start by saying how sorry I am for being away so long from writing product reviews for and you my fellow racers. With that said, I would like to introduce you to one of the hottest new products to arrive on the racing scene in recent years, the UCS1 Cycle Stand from Cycle Cat.

This new cycle stand represents a new and much improved way to raise your bike on a rear stand with out any help from anyone and without the tension of wondering if your bike is going to fall over. If you are a racer or anyone who has ever used a standard rear wheel stand, you know how hard it is to balance your bike upright while trying to get the rear stand placed properly all at the same time. Normally you would ask a friend to balance your bike upright and then someone else positions the stand to raise it. Well not any more! The USC1 actually is engineered for you to raise your bike from the kickstand position to side stand position and raise it geometrically correct every time without the assistance of another person. I know what you’re thinking, how can that be you ask? Well, the boys at Cycle Cat figured out how to make a stand that actually pivots to one side to match up to the slanted angle of the rear swingarm and allow you to lift the bike without the strain or worry that it will fall while doing so.

The stand is made to angle towards the kickstand as you bring the stand in to place, then as you lower the arm to raise the bike; it automatically lifts your bike in to a straight up position on to its mounts. How you ask? It’s all in the geometry of the pivots of the arms that moves in a synchronized manner as you
lower the lift arm.

The USC1 is the result of a 6 month development program from the boys at Cycle Cat and was built for the professional and experienced riders and mechanics who know simplicity and the elimination of risk are mission critical. Even if you have never raised a bike before with a rear stand, the new USC1 actually makes it almost fool proof for the beginner. With that in mind, they created a system which takes a bike from side stand to rear stand in one motion, and which is so stable and easy to use, that it is not even necessary to physically touch the motorcycle. Think about it folks, in one easy movement, you have lifted your bike up without even touching your bike! It works smoothly and efficiently with any (dual swingarm) bike, with or without spools. Designed as a true solo tool, it’s safe, and actually
a pleasure to use.

The USC1 is the proud winner of Motorcyclist Magazine’s prestigious MOTY award for the best new product of 2005. All USC1 kits include fittings for both under–swingarm and spool use. There are no extra attachments to buy, everything is included. As with everything that Cycle Cat does, the USC1 rear stand is built for professional duty. Constructed of welded and powder-coated steel tubing, the USC1 provides a stable, solid platform, and more. The handle is removable which allows for storage up close to walls in your trailer and shop while eliminating trip hazards.

The whole system is so strong, and geometrically so correct, that a bike can easily be rolled around while on the stand. The USC1 is a Patent Pending breakthrough design. Available in both red and silver, all kits come complete with adaptors for both spools and underarm swingarm lifting, making it universal for
dual-swingarm bikes.

Bottom line, the USC1 is a great example of what Cycle Cat’s all about. Those guys just love problem solving. The USC1 represents the result of looking at a real issue – the awkward, tedious, and risky balancing act required to single-handedly, put a motorcycle on a rear stand. It represents the response to input from professionals who confessed that though very experienced at lifting a bike, they had dropped one or two in their career. If you have dropped just one bike one time, you’ll have paid for this stand 2 – 3 times over.

For the little extra money you’ll spend for this product, you’ll have saved probably thousands in repairs of bikes falling over in its lifetime and yours.
I just love my new USC1, and you can too! Don’t delay; check out this and all the new products at Cycle Cat.

This product however, does not work with
a single sided swingarm bike.